About Rent All Houses

Rent All Houses

Rent All Houses is the premiere site for finding rental houses online. The site offers the most listings to help you find your new home quickly, and makes contacting and moving into your new home a breeze. Using search engine technology, Rent All Houses specifically searches for the best housing listings, filters out apartments and for sale units, and places everything on an easy to use map for your convenience. By narrowing the search to rental homes only, you receive only the best listings to help you find a new home.

Rent All Houses was launched in June of 2011 by CEO Jon Pastor, and strives to be the only place you'll need to visit to find your perfect home. The Site runs international listings for the U.S. and Canada, and is consistently updated to give you quality listings and keep your house hunt simple.


Rent All Houses is powered by search engine technology that is specifically catered to the rental market and designed to make house hunting easy for you. By searching through over 12,000 sites online for rental listings, the site carefully separates out apartments and for-sale listings, collects all the rental housing data it can find, and places each unit on an easy to use map. The powerful housing search engine technology, created by Rent Jungle, works much like Google or Kayak by scouring the internet for pertinent rental data.