Beware of Common Rental Ad Scams

Rent All Houses strives to provide a safe and worry free climate in which to search for rental properties. Our listings are gathered by our search engine from over 7,000 sites and while most are legitimate listings, some may be attempts at scamming users. Any fraudulent or suspicious listings can be reported by contacting us using this contact form. Please include the listing address and title.

Rent All Houses is a listing aggregator and search engine and does not collect payments on behalf of rental properties. Any and all transactions are between the renter and the landlord. Rent All Houses is not responsible for the legitimacy or quality of renters or landlords, nor the content of listings and messages sent to listings. Property owners and landlords should be equally aware of any messages sent to them or their listings that may be of malicious intent.

Be aware that some individuals want nothing but your hard earned money. This means they may try to scam you with fake listings or illegal transactions. Avoid this by knowing the red flags of a fraudulent listing:

  • Avoid listings that are "too good to be true" that look great and are priced far under the current market level.
  • Avoid cross-border transactions and out-of-town owners. It is better to look locally and visit the property before signing anything, especially a check.
  • Avoid listings asking for financial or personal information. Most owners will ask for names, phone numbers, or email address. If you are asked for financial information or information such as your social security number, we recommend you cease communication with the listing owner until you have verified they are legitimate.
  • Avoid opening any attachments from landlords unless you have scanned them for viruses. Some viruses can give the appearance of a legitimate listing.
  • Avoid complicated payment deals. Use only clear, common exchanges of currency.
  • Be careful to note your state's rental and real estate laws. Any deviance from these laws found in a listing should be reported and avoided.
  • Do not submit credit or background checks before you have met the landlord in person.

If you find any suspicious, malicious, or fraudulent listings contact us immediately using this contact form.